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Last Monday at The Restaurant Show,Chef Nuno Mendes had a great presentation at 3.00 PM that I managed to listen in parts. Nuno is famous for the renowned loft Project which is an experiment in food and people, set within an intimate and beautifully considered environment in East London.  The Project is the brainchild of Nuno and his partner Clarise Faria. Originally set up as a temporary supper club and personal test kitchen, the Loft has now become a platform for the next generation of talented chefs to take up residency and showcase their food. Chefs are invited from top kitchens around the world to host dinners for guests around one communal table.

Nuno Mendes grew up in Portugal, sparking a love for Portuguese cuisine and seafood still evident in his cooking. During the summer we had our first holiday ever in Portugal and I must say that we were presently surprized at the quality of the restaurants we visited. I don’t remember a bad dinner and therefore I can say that the art of cooking must be somewhat built into the gene. Nuno by Working on the family farm, gained a deep connection with the land and the importance of how food is produced. Following training at the California Culinary Academy, Nuno began working as a chef. His passion for food has led him to study numerous different cuisines, and his career has led him to the finest restaurants in the United States and Europe, including Jean Georges in New York City, Coyote Cafe in Santa Fe, and a brief internship at El Bulli in Roses. Recent projects have included Nuno's acclaimed restaurant Bacchus and his innovative private supper club.

Nuno Mendes at Viajante
Nuno Mendes, 38, trained at the famous El Bulli, on the Costa Brava, under Ferran AdriĆ , and completed his education in Japan. His last project was the short-lived Bacchus pub in Shoreditch, which applied the molecular concept to gastropub fare: pear tarte tatin with dolcelatte ice cream, things like that. His other venture was Viajante, which oppend in 2010, bringing hearty, Iberian-Japanese molecular gastronomy to Bethnal Green. In 2009, he was filling time by running a restaurant in his own flat in Dalston, east London. The maximum capacity was 16, all sharing a table. To book, one had to email Nuno and transfer £100 to his account (complimentary wines were included). It was only open until November 2009.

Viajante, is situated in the imposing grandeur of Town Hall, Designed by award-winning architects, Rare, and featuring installations from fashion and lighting designers as well as some of the East End’s most brilliant young artists, the restaurant forms the perfect setting for an exquisite series of courses. Viajante creates perfectly balanced tasting menus for up to 40 covers. Choose from between three, six and twelve courses to experience the full range of Chef Nuno Mendes’s dazzling cuisine.


This is what Nuno says in Viajante main website:
‘I was embraced by this craft from the first day I began to study it. I knew with all my heart, that I wanted to be a chef… Since that moment I have lived my life in a constant quest for knowledge and discovery that has lead me to the far reaches of this world and eventually back to London. The East End is the place I now call home and where I wish to propose my personal views on food and dining.’


Reviews: London Loves Business
The Skinny Rib

This is what the review says: "Viajante is that rare truffle of the occasionally rather fungal London restaurant scene; it is experimental and highly accomplished without being pretentious"

On September 2011 visits Michelin starred chef Nuno Mendes in his new London restaurant The Corner Room to find out exactly why he sees food as art. Mendes grew up in Portugal, where his love of food began and then studied at the California Culinary Academy before embarking on a career as a chef. Here, Mendes let's us in on the differences between his restaurant Viajante and The Corner Room, and tells us why he owes everything to his father.
Address: Town Hall Hotel, Patriot Square, London, E2 9NF,

As the talented chef behind one of London's most exciting new gastronomy restaurants, Viajante, chef Nuno Mendes shares his favourite places in the trendy East London district:

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