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Fine Saffron Olive Oil Recipes

This is a wonderful herbed baby potatoes with advanced home grade  'Saffron Olive Oil' that is nice and easy side dish. If you love fresh herbs, you should give this recipe a try that can go with Went well with your roast Chicken or Lamb done with Lemon-Honey Glaze. Serving 4-6

1 1/2 lbs baby potatoes     (about)
3/4 cup fresh herb     (chopped and consisting of at least 4 of the following -- basil, spring onions, flatleaf parsley, min)
1 tablespoon fresh ground black pepper
1/2 cup virgin olive oil, best quality (or more) - Cold Pressed Virgin Olive Oil from Eden Aromata
2 tablespoons of Saffron Olive Oil by Eden Aromata
salt     (Maldon salt is by far the best)


  1. Please note that quantities are approximate. But a lot of fresh herbs is nice, and tougher herbs like rosemary should be chopped finely.
  2. Do not use very small baby potatoes: slightly smaller than a golf ball is about right.
  3. Rinse; do not peel. Cut each in half.
  4. Boil in lightly salted water until just tender -- this should not take more than 4 to 6 minutes depending on size and type of potato, but do test one with a skewer. They should still be firm and not fall apart!
  5. Rinse and chop the herbs, which must be fresh, not dried.
  6. Drain potatoes, put into suitable dish, add the olive oil and toss until well coated. A high quality, nice and fruity virgin oil should be used. Use more if you like.
  7. Use the 2 tablespoons of advanced home grade 'Saffron Olive Oil' and brush it on top of the potatoes when it is hot.
  8. Add the chopped herbs and pepper, and toss again, until mixed through. Take care not to break the halved potatoes.
  9. Wait 5 minutes and it is best salted at table, with flakes of Maldon salt. This is not always easy to obtain, so just use -- salt! - the Saffron Aroma will come out at around 5 minutes so serve then.
  10. These potatoes are quite nice when cold, too.

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