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The Michelin-starred diner was awarded 10 out of 10 by the Good Food Guide and described as producing "world-beating dishes for the bedazzled throngs". Heston Blumenthal's world-famous French Resturant, but still the rather small restaurant in Bray, has blazed a trail for experimental cooking in this country, but one of its enduring features is also that it is brilliant fun. Sure, guests' sensory perceptions are challenged, their notion of possibility expanded, but never in a po-faced way. Instead, gourmand pilgrims can be witnessed smiling and laughing their way through a foodie marathon.

Although The Fat Duck is not the No. i in World Rating but it is most certainly No.1 in UK.

Having searched for some great reviews, I find Ross eats blog nicely done. Please read it here.  It has good images with his experience starts like this:

Every once in a while you get a bit lucky and get given an opportunity that is just too good to turn down, one that you know you need to ensure that you manage to attend come hell or high water. I know friends who have all tried and largely failed for days, weeks and months to book a table at The Fat Duck and after hearing about their trails and tribulations I made a decision that I wouldn’t put myself through the pain. And then I got a Twitter DM informing me that some friends of mine had managed to get a table and they needed some people to make up the numbers. EPIC WIN!!!

The reveiw ends like this

All dishes were incredible, well balanced creations with the exception of the licorice coated salmon which when put up against everything else was merely good opposed to amazing. All in all the 13 courses left us extremely full and the accompanying wine leaving us rather drunk. We left the restaurant a good 5 hours after first sitting down and considering this the final bill though probably the most expensive meal I will likely ever pay for didn’t feel all that bad if you think that a footy match or a gig may only last 90 minutes or so…

I’ve had great expectations ruin meals in the past when the reality turns out not to match what I have pictured in my head but on this occasion what was in Heston’s was more than anything I could ever imagine. I hope that with the imminent opening of his London restaurant his standards don’t slip up in Bray and it continues to be one of THE places to eat for years to come. If you can endure the booking process then get ready for the meal of a life time.

The Pondering Gourmet also rates it extreemly high with a great blog here. And here is some extracts from the review:

On the way to Bray, I wracked my brain in an effort to try and remember just why it was that I hadn’t been to the Fat Duck. I hadn’t even tried to get a table, but if you asked me, it was always on the list of places that I really wanted to go to.

My 32nd birthday just happened to provide the ideal opportunity to go. Originally, we had a table booked for dinner on my actual birthday but advice from others coupled with the memories of rolling out of Per Se at 1am, well fed, happy, but more than a little drowsy, reminded us that lunch was a better option when facing a number of courses that runs into double figures.

I managed to move the table to the following weekend and for lunch rather than dinner. So on Saturday 15th May, we drove to rural Berkshire. Bray is tiny; blink and you’ll miss it. It has the air of a French village where the main road to somewhere else runs through the middle. As we were a little early, we walked over to the Hinds Head pub which is adjacent to the Fat Duck and part of the Blumenthal empire.

Towards the end of the review i

A pink and white striped bag of sweets appeared with coffee. The menu card smelt like a sweet shop. All were beautiful and as described. For me, the apple pie caramel was the stand out item. (8/10)

With that, the meal was over. After a quick tour of the kitchen we made our way home. The Fat Duck was an amazing experience; it’s more than just a meal, it’s a chance for highly skilled professionals to play with and heighten your senses in order to produce exceptional cuisine.

If I had any overall criticism, it would be the lack of a defined main course. In this array of ‘Galacticos’ (but infinitely more successful than Real Madrid), the pigeon seemed more like a midfield genius than the star striker. I would love to see HB’s take on beef or veal.

Don’t let that detract from how massively impressed I was with the Fat Duck. The food was brilliant, the experience unique and the service impeccable. It. was. amazing.

Average Price: £250
Address: 1 High Street, Bray, Berkshire, SL6 2AQ, UK
Telephone: +44 (0)1628 580333

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