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Mugaritz has two dégustation menus that change daily according to what Chef Andoni Luis Aduriz can get his hands on at the street markets and what's growing in the restaurant's herb garden. Whatever happens, you can expect to sample the team's intricate dishes that seek to reconnect diners with nature. His self-dubbed 'techno-emotional' approach sees the appliance of science and a rigorous understanding of ingredients jostle with produce-driven cuisine.

This Mugaritz what they say about food:

We understand gastronomy as a tool that can be used to share interests. We are nonconformists by nature. We work and seek answers to questions: these issues are the mainstays we hold on to in order to move forward.

Years ago, we started thinking about the established values and we realized that we felt ill at ease with them because they do not guarantee a better dining experience. What determines whether something is good? Are we less well-mannered if we serve a man first? Where do we draw the line to distinguish between an appetizer and a dish of vegetables? Does a meal end with the desserts?

The award-winning food at Mugaritz has been called everything from cutting-edge delicious to utterly brilliant. Chef Aduriz is one of the finest chefs in Spain and Mugaritz is one the top-5 restaurants in the country. The food is creative and innovative and the succession of flavors plays well on the palate.

There's something about Spain that is overly appealing to diners around the world. It could be that the land is rife with history. There is Arabic influence and therefore with them came the eastern style that is changed through the decades to become what we have. Or perhaps the beautiful scenery is warm and inviting. It could also be that restaurants like the famous Mugaritz are just a little better than other restaurants in the world - and we all know that people will choose the best over the rest any day of the week. Mugaritz is located in San Sebastian, Spain in a beautiful and eloquent setting. Before diners even walk into the restaurant, they're blown away by the surrounding ambiance.

There is a great review here at GourmetTraveller

Situated at the border of Errenteria and Astigarraga (a 20-minute drive from central San Sebastián), the complex boasts a herb garden, an expansive kitchen that joins onto an equally spacious dining room, and a pretty leafy paved courtyard, where the host led us for pre-dinner drinks and nibbles.

Cocludes with:

Service was polished but completely unstuffy – the host of smiling waiters that looked after us were warm, amiable and knowledgeable. As was Nicolas, whose attentiveness puts the sommelier at Arzak to shame (the latter’s contribution to our meal was so negligible I failed to even mention him in the review). An unforgettable meal with consistently excellent dishes that were restrained, refined and clever in both taste and concept. It’s a great reminder that when it comes to good produce, there really is no need to gild the lily. Mugaritz easily ranks amongst the best restaurants we’ve ever dined at and I hope to return very soon.

Otazulueta Baserria
Aludura Aldea 20, 20100,
Errenteria, Spain
t. +34 943 522 455

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