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The Great Chefs from around the world

Andoni Luis Aduriz began his career in the kitchen making pizza , and weekend work or on holiday while studying. 1 After completing his studies at the School of Hotel San Sebastian , worked with Ramon Roteta , Hilario Arbelaitz , Jean Louis Neichel , Juan Mari Arzak , Fermín Arrambide and Pedro Subijana among others. During 1993 and 1994 was part of the team of El Bulli , led by Ferran Adrià . In 1996 he was kitchen manager Martin Berasategui . In 1998 he started his solo work in Mugaritz, restaurant runs since then and has won several awards and recognitions. Andoni Luis, clearly a disciple of Ferran Adrià. In his kitchen he has developed a fresh and imaginative technique that incorporates, among other things, a lot of wild flowers and fruit of his passion for botany, which adds interest in literature and the arts.

He has participated in numerous national and international conferences such as World of Flavour, one of the largest food festivals in the United States, in Napa Valley (California ). It also collaborates with AZTI-Tecnalia , specialized in food research centre in Derio ( Vizcaya ), which is a pioneer and leader in the world. 2 3 also Aduriz took over, in 2008, the new restaurant at the Hotel Queen Petronilla (5 stars) located in the complex Aragonia in Zaragoza .

California scientist and author Harold McGee appeared in The Mugaritz his latest book cuisine and food , known as a bible of gastronomy, with a foreword by Andoni Luis Aduriz.

A protégé of Adriá, and a veteran of kitchens run by Berasategui, Arzak, and Subijana, Andoni Luis Aduriz has come into his own. Quickly rising to the ranks of the world’s most respected chefs, Aduriz has become famous for his playful, investigative approach to food. Half scientist and half culinary prodigy, Aduriz has bridged the gap between cook and chemist, all with the humility, quietude, and zen of a monk. Despite his young age, Andoni Luis Aduriz has already been through many stages of discovery and growth. And Mugaritz, his enigmatic and highly acclaimed restaurant nestled in the Basque countryside, has evolved with him.

Mugaritz opened in 1998 and is hardly a restaurant one just stumbles upon. Located atop a country hillside, thirty minutes outside the city of San Sebastian, the majority of Aduriz’s guests have planned their vacation around one dinner at the farmhouse. They’ve come to experience what Aduriz is best known for: local and hyper-seasonal cuisine that is progressive, innovative, and tied deeply to the earth.

In Mugaritz there are two dégustation menus that change daily according to what chef Andoni Luis Aduriz can get his hands on at the street markets and what's growing in the restaurant's herb garden.
Whatever happens, you can expect to sample the team's intricate dishes that seek to reconnect diners with nature. His self-dubbed 'techno-emotional' approach sees the appliance of science and a rigorous understanding of ingredients jostle with produce-driven cuisine.

Aduriz picks a topic of interest, masters it, and moves on, but never forgets or abandons what he has learned. “This drive to evolve is the most human thing,” Aduriz explains. “We enjoy reinventing and bettering ourselves.” In 2003, for example, he published Tabula Bacalao, a highly regarded treatise on codfish. That same year Aduriz shifted his focus to foie gras, publishing Foie Gras. His interest then turned to flowers, perfumes, essences, and the interplay between scent and flavor. He believes that knowing the chemical components of scents can lead to novel and remarkably delectable food pairings, leading to the publication of Diccionario Botánico Para Cocineros (2007).

Despite these remarkable culinary advancements, however, no innovation has been quite so iconic as his development of potato stones and chocolate bubbles. One of the first chefs to work with clay, Aduriz presents simple potatoes that resemble shiny rocks, but actually have a creamy texture and luscious taste. “They surprise you and put you at ease at the same time,” he explains, “because you realize you’ve been fooled by simple potatoes. At the same time, they are simple, poetic, and practical.” Such is the essence of Aduriz’s cooking: adventurous and amusing, with an enduring focus on flavor and experience. Aduriz’s chocolate bubbles, crafted using xantham gum and a fish tank bubbler, are always entertaining. The airy spheres maintain their shape on the plate long enough to be served, and then burst playfully over the dessert they were hiding.

Regardless of what Aduriz chooses to explore, his philosophy remains rooted in respecting nature’s bounty, as exemplified by Mugaritz. With a backdrop of rolling hills and farmland, the restaurant resembles a rustic countryside farmhouse. Behind Mugaritz is an herb and vegetable garden that supplies the restaurant. Aduriz also forages the surrounding area for wild mushrooms, flowers, leaves, and plants. This avant-arde ground-breaker has one foot in the lab and one foot in the earth. The culinary world waits with bated breath for the next step in his evolution.

Awards and Recognition;
Recognized by the international gastronomic press as "... the most important gastronomic phenomenon on the world stage in recent times," frequents the pages of prestigious magazines such as Sweden's "Gourmet", French "Gault & Millau", the American "New York Times Magazine "or" Saveur "Italian" Gambero Rosso "and Japan's" Cuisine Kingdom "or" Specialités, which devote much space to deepen their technology work and style of cooking.
It is worthy (2002) National Prize of Gastronomy.
Basque Gastronomy Academy Award granted "Euskadi" the best restorer gastronomy (2003).
The guide "The Best of Gastronomy" qualifies him as "Chef of the Year" and "Pastry Chef of the Year.
The guide "Michelin" gives his second star (2005).
2006 Candide Award culinary innovation. 10
In 2007 obtained the seventh in the list of "The World's 50 Best Restaurants" by the "Restaurant Magazine".
The guide "Camps" guarantees the highest rating of Three Suns.
2007 Outreach Award Euskadi ONCE. 11
2008 Medal of Honor of Merit. Granted by the Peruvian Congress for his contribution to the spread of food and cuisine of this Latin American country in the Third International Summit of Gastronomy in Lima.

Is responsible for the prestigious collection Mugaritz Papers .
Foie gras . Ed Gourmandia Year: 2003 ISBN 84-932288-1-8
Chlorophyll . Editor: Gourmandia Year: 2004 Pages: 240 ISBN 84-933853-0-1 2004 Gourmand World Cookbook Awards 2004 / Best Chef Book World / Better design of the world cookbook. 15
Txikichef . Editor: Ed Gourmandia Year: 2006 in Spanish and Euskera ISBN 978-84-933853-3-0 2006 Gourmand World Cookbook Awards : Best family cookbook for children

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