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The Great Chefs from around the world

Chef Massimo Bottura was initially wholesaler of petroleum products in the family, Massimo Bottura in 1986 to take this opportunity to pursue his old passion, and bought the old tavern in Campazzo near Nonantola . Here he learns the secrets of the cuisine of Emilia, quickly become well known, so as to attract some world-class chefs. In 1992 Alain Ducasse invites him for a few months in his "Le Louis XV" in Monaco , where Bottura starts to become familiar with the sophistication and professionalism of the important French company. The relationship with Ducasse will remain strong from that point on, and again in 2010, Identity Golose Alain Ducasse said Massimo Bottura is one of the best chefs in the world.

After continued training at New York in 1995 within its Modena , where he finds a traditional inn, the inn Franciscan beginning to experience a more creative cuisine. In 2000 the Catalan chef Ferran Adrià , the noble father of the " molecular gastronomy ", after being on a visit to the Franciscan Bottura calls in their restaurant in Roses in Spain. Here the chef Emilia learns a kitchen that handles almost all the ingredients, temperatures investing, stocks and physical state of raw materials, exploiting technology from the laboratory.

All 'Osteria Bottura Franciscan cuisine described as "informal", created by a reworking of the dishes and traditional raw materials, deprived of the original forms to create new ones. In spring 2009, the kitchen comes in the investigation of Bottura Striscia la Notizia [1] on the molecular cuisine, which is accused of making use of potentially unsafe chemicals [2] . Alarm transmission was followed by a visit to the NAS at the Osteria Franciscan who does not see any irregularities. [3] The chef Emiliano but reiterated that its cuisine is very much linked to the territory and its products [4] , although completely revised. Just think for example to the recipe of "compression of pasta and beans", where the typical ingredients of tradition and the poor are transformed into a sort of appetizer to eat with a spoon.

In 2003 Osteria Francescana received the prize of Raisat Gambero Rosso Channel.The restaurant has two stars (out of a maximum of three) in the Michelin Guide 2010, which are confirmed in that of 2011.

Also in 2011 awarded the title of Restaurant of the Year by the BMW 2011 driving [6] a score of 19.75/20 (the highest ever given) on the Espresso guide 2011 (best restaurant in Italy), three medals (score 93 / 100) Hotels & Restaurants in the guide of the Touring Club 2011 and a total of 92 points (third highest of the year) on the Gambero Rosso guide 2011.

In January 2011, the chef was awarded by the Académie Internationale de la Gastronomie with the Grand Prix de l'Art de la Cuisine, reserved for the best chefs in the world.

Much of the food at Osteria Francescana takes its inspiration from the art world, but this is only half the story. The unrivalled culinary heritage of the Emilia-Romagna region is chef Massimo Bottura's other great muse, and the kitchen offers a menu of traditional food alongside more left-field creations. The cooking is exciting and gratifying, the overall experience progressive and relaxed.

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